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Centre for Applied Urological Research

The Department of Urology at Queen’s University and its affiliated institution Kingston General Hospital has a long tradition and a well-earned reputation for the development and conduction of world-class basic and clinical urological research.

This standing has become increasingly recognized by national and international granting agencies as well as biomedical industry, culminating in the award to Dr. J.C. Nickel of the CRC Tier 1 Chair in Urological Research. This, however, does not indicate that such accomplishment is an isolated occurrence; to the contrary, clinical and basic research has and is being conducted successfully by all other members of the Department.

The creation of a Centre for Applied Urological Research consolidates and coordinates the Departmental research efforts in collaboration with both, Queen’s University and the teaching hospitals in Kingston. In 2005, under the leadership of former department head and professor emeritus Alvaro Morales, the opportunity was found in an older (in fact, historically significant) building belonging to KGH, which was redeveloped with funds solicited from a variety of sources including former residents and trainees of the department.